Touch your music

Want to get physical with your music? Get it professionally cut today on a long lasting dubplate in Brussels at DuBXL.


The main difference between dubplates and vinyl records lies in the process behind their manufacturing. Instead of cutting a master and pressing a big run of vinyl records, dubplates are made one by one by cutting the grooves directly into the record. It is better suited for small quantities, and it is a faster process, with no loss of quality and a good longevity.


 No minimum order  -  Shipping worldwide




Professional mixing

Contact us for rates and details


Preparation for vinyl included

One side or two sides

 7"       20€   (up to 6 minutes per side)*


10"      35€   (up to 9 minutes per side)*


12"      45€   (up to 16 minutes per side)*

*Maximum length will vary according to the music


Stereo and stem mastering for digital or vinyl formats

Contact us for rates and details

Discounts possible for bigger orders


examples of quality

Here is an example of the quality we can reach on dubplates. The first audio file is a rip from a 7" 33rpm dubplate and the secound is the original digital master file.

Example of rip
00:00 / 08:11
Original master
00:00 / 08:01

how to order a dubplate?

Just fill this form and tell us how many tracks you want to cut, and their lenght. We'll walk you through the process as soon as possible !



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